When we have a physical illness, we will visit a physician.  When our car has a problem, we will visit an auto mechanic.  When we have a psychological issue, we will visit a psychotherapist, won’t we?

When something is bothering us psychologically, we usually are not staying on the path to living authentically.  Very often, this may be the consequence of living somebody else’s unlived life.  Or living to meet the expectations of others: either our parents, our community, or our culture.   We may be successful academically, financially, or materialistically.   Nevertheless, we do not feel happy.  Why?  Deep inside of us, however, there is a part that knows who we really are, and what we were born to achieve in life.

 Everybody deserves peace in mind or happiness.  Let’s find out together in therapy what you are going through now

I work with individuals, couples, and families, in diversified cultures, with Japanese-English bilingual/bicultural ability.