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He’s Just You, in a man’s body

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT My client came to me complaining of major concerns about her husband: he still looked at girlie magazines even though they’d been married for over a year; he openly appreciated the physical charms of other women and she was afraid he might cheat on her. I asked her to tell me…

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Blurr Family Walking

The Importance of Community

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT In “The Naked Ape”, Desmond Morris talked about how we as human beings are almost biologically programmed to enjoy bonding together in tribes or small groups. Even though our larger society has gotten very big, we still need to share a sense of community, beyond ourselves and our immediate family. This…

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Dance Therapy

Exploding Some Common Myths About Hypnosis

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT When I first meet people and tell them I’m a hypnotherapist, their first reaction is generally, “Oh, so are you going to make me bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken?” and I usually respond “Not unless you really want to!” Because in hypnotherapy it’s not about me controlling…

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Why Pain Gets Worse when you Think About it

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT About 15 years ago I had a very bad bout of gastric flu while I was living and working abroad. The problems that it caused – burning pain in my chest, nausea, gas – basically stayed with me for three years. So for three years I went to see doctor after…

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Alternate Path

Helping Treat Addictions with Hypnotherapy

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT As I’ve been visiting addiction clinics and rehab centers recently, I realize that I am something of a pioneer in asking them to consider incorporating hypnotherapy as a regular healing modality in their program. And yet, this idea makes such perfect sense, I’m surprised more people haven’t thought of it before….

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Yellow Tulips - Forgiveness

Turning the Other Cheek

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT When I was a little girl, I could never understand the concept of turning the other cheek. To me it seemed ridiculous not to fight back when you’ve been attacked. My grandfather was a very peaceful, gentle man and he not only believed in this precept but literally practiced it. I…

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Sunset Looking

The Pros & Cons of 12-Step Recovery – Addiction

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT The fact that people have been using 12-Step for so many years attests to its value – at least for some. However, perhaps its usefulness is best served in the early stages of recovery. If a person is in denial, acceptance that they have a problem is key. Being able to…

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Mind over Matter

Drugs and the Placebo Effect

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT We are told that we need to take certain drugs to cure our illnesses and we believe it. So we take the drugs and sometimes we get better and sometimes we don’t. But has it ever occurred to you as odd that in every single clinical trial where a new drug…

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Countryside Couple

Successful Relationships are a Choice

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT Have you ever been in a relationship with someone where you were a lot more aware of the things that were wrong than the things that were right with them? Perhaps you told yourself how much you loved them, and you may even have been silently expecting or hoping that they…

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Work Financial Stress

Is There Such Thing as Financial PTSD?

by Madison Brightwell, LMFT The symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are nightmares, flashbacks, feelings of anxiety for no reason, irritability, mood swings, depression and irrational aggressive behavior. In my work as a hypnotherapist I have come across clients who display all of these behaviors, and yet they have never been in a war, they’ve…

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